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Playliste der 901. Folge „Hauptsache Musik“ vom 14.04..2024

IT´S A BEAUTIFUL EVENING                                                                         DOROTHY DANDRIDGE

IT´S IMPOSSIBLE                                                                                              MAX GREGER

EIN LÄCHELN                                                                                                   JÜRGEN MARCUS

UP UP AND AWAY                                                                                           FIFTH DIMENSION

TRÄUME KANN MAN NICHT VERBIETEN                                                 NANA GUALDI

KILLING ME SOFTLY                                                                                      JONNY MÜLLER

A SPECIAL KIND OF MAN                                                                             ROGER WHITTAKER

SINGIN IN THE RAIN                                                                                       ROSY SINGERS

DON´T THINK TWICE                                                                                      TRINI LOPEZ

SCARLT RIBBONS                                                                                          TRINI LOPEZ

SOWAS LÄUFT FREI RUM                                                                             KEN HOWARD

DANS LE TEMP                                                                                                PETULA CLARK

DER VAGABUND AUS PARIS                                                                      SACHA DISTEL

Á PARIS                                                                                                             YVES MONTAND


Playliste der 900. Folge „Hauptsache Musik“ vom 07.04..2024

WENN ES FRÜHLING WIRD                                                                              GÖTZ ALSMANN

APRIL IN PARIS                                                                                                    GOGI GRANT

FRÜHLING AUF DER HAUT                                                                              ANGELIKA MILSTER

APRIL FOOL´S DAY                                                                                            MARTY ROBBINS

FRÜHLING IN SORRENT                                                                                  PAUL KUHN & SFB BIG BAND

APRIL IN PORTUGAL                                                                                        JOHNSTON BROTHERS

SPRING AGAIN                                                                                                   LOU RAWLS

VIERZEHNTER APRIL                                                                                      CORRY BROKKEN

SPRING IS NEARLY HERE                                                                             SHADOWS

APRIL SHOWERS                                                                                             KAI WINDING

SPRING SPRING SPRING                                                                              BING CROSBY & FRED ASTAIRE

I´LL REMEMBER APRIL                                                                                  NEIL RICHARDSON SINGERS

JOY SPRING                                                                                                     TITO PUENTE


Playliste der 899. Folge „Hauptsache Musik“ vom 31.03.2024

THE GOOD OLD TIMES                                                                                        BING CROSBY

CHANGE PARDNERS                                                                                          BING CROSBY & FRED ASTAIRE

ANGRY                                                                                                                    ROSEMARY CLOONEY

I´M SO LONESOME I COULD CRY                                                                    ROSEMARY CLOONEY & FLOYD CRAMER

SOMEONE TO KISS YOUR TEARS AWAY                                                       BIBI JOHNS

SO EIN GLÜCK                                                                                                       BIBI JOHNS

DON´T GET AROUND MUCH ANYMORE                                                        PETER HERBOLZHEIMER

IT´S EASTER TIME                                                                                                VAUGHN MONROE

SHALL WE DANCE                                                                                               VAUGHN MONROE

WALKING IN THE SUNSHINE                                                                            VAL DOONICAN

ANNIE´S SONG                                                                                                      VAL DOONICAN

REMEMBER REMEMBER                                                                                   VERA LYNN

DAYBREAK                                                                                                             VERA LYNN

AUF DER ANDEREN SEITE DER ZEIT                                                             PETER HORTON

DU HAST ALLES                                                                                                    PETER HORT


Playliste der 898. Folge „Hauptsache Musik“ vom 24.03.2024

DARLING SUE                                                                                                         LAURIE LONDON

BELLS OF ST. MARY´S                                                                                          LAURIE LONDON

FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE                                                                                          PETER NERO

NIGHT & DAY                                                                                                          STEVE LAWRENCE

GREEN EYES                                                                                                         STEVE LAWRENCE & EYDIE GORME

I´VE GOT A GAL IN KALAMAZOO                                                                      STEVE LAWRENCE & EYDIE GORME

NANCY WITH THE LAUGHING FACE                                                               ACKER BILK

ALLES GUTE ALLES LIEBE                                                                                LOU VAN BURG & BARBARA KIST

ROSETTA                                                                                                                ALAN PRICE

AFRIKA                                                                                                                     KARL HEINZ BENDER      

ON A DESERT ROAD                                                                                            KINGSTOM ORCHESTRA

THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD                                                                      DIANA ROSS

THE LADY IS A TRAMP                                                                                        DIANA ROSS

SOULFUL STRUT                                                                                                   HORST JANKOWSKI

GREENSLEEVES                                                                                                   JANKOWSKI SINGERS

ME LO DIJO ADELA (SWEET AND GENTLE)                                                  MAC


Playliste der 897. Folge „Hauptsache Musik“ vom 17.03.2024  


I CAN´T WAIT UNTIL I SEE MY BABY´SFACE                                                      ARETHA FRANKLIN


JUNGER MANN IM FRÜHLING                                                                               BEROLINA SOUND ORCHESTER


I BELIEVE IN YOU                                                                                                      BETTE MIDLER


JUST A LITTLE LOVIN                                                                                               DUSTY SPRINGFIELD


HIP HUG HER                                                                                                             CHICO O´FARRILL


MA BELLE AMIE                                                                                                         JERRY ROSS SYMPOSIUM


LAZY LADY                                                                                                                 PETER REESE & THE PAGES


TAKE THE A-TRAIN                                                                                                  CLARK SISTERS


AU SOLEIL                                                                                                                  MARIE BON


AH! DIS DONC, DIS DONC                                                                                     COLETTE RENARD


PARIS IST NICHT MEHR, WAS ES WAR                                                             MIREILLE MATHIEU


DU LÄßT DICH GEH´N                                                                                            SIRENEN


CAROLINE CHERIE                                                                                                CHARLES AZNAVOUR


I LOVE PARIS                                                                                                           NEIL RICHARDSON SINGERS


I CRIED FOR YOU…                                                                                               MRS. MILLS


Playliste der 896. Folge „Hauptsache Musik“ vom 10.03.2024  

HEUT ABEND                                                                                                                  PEANUTS

PETITE FLEUR (JAPANESE)                                                                                       PEANUTS

I WISH YOU LOVE                                                                                                          PAT THOMAS

PROMISES, PROMISES                                                                                               JOANNA EDEN

ICH BIN WACHS NUR IN DEINER HAND                                                                MARIANNE MENDT

OALWEIL                                                                                                                         MARIANNE MENDT

HELP ME RHONDA                                                                                                      JOHNNY RIVERS

FRÜHLING IN SORRENT                                                                                            MELODY SINGERS

UNDER FIESTA STARS                                                                                               GENE AUTRY

KOMM UND HALT MICH FEST                                                                                  INGRID PETERS

DELICADO                                                                                                                     PERCY FAITH

MADEMOISELLE CHANTE LE BLUES                                                                    PATRICIA KAAS

YOU´RE THE FIRST, THE LAST, MY EVERYTHING                                            PETER GRANT

DO YOU KNOW THE WAY TO SAN JOSE                                                              RAY CONNIFF

AU REVOIR                                                                                                                   PEPPERS


Playliste der 895. Folge „Hauptsache Musik“ vom 03.03.2024  

THE OLD SONGS                                                                                                          BARRY MANILOW

STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT                                                                                      AL MARTINO

LET´S FALL IN LOVE                                                                                                    CLIFF RICHARD

CALL ME                                                                                                                         ASTRUD GILBERTO

BORN FREE                                                                                                                   TONY CHRISTIE

WALK DON´T RUN                                                                                                        BILLY VAUGHN

HAPPY HEART                                                                                                              ANDY WILLIAMS

I DID IT                                                                                                                             BARBARA ACKLIN

LADY LUCK                                                                                                                    BRIAN SETZER

ALONE AGAIN                                                                                                                BILL RAMSEY       

LET´S FACE THE MUSIC AND DANCE                                                                    CHERYL BENTYNE

DARDANELLA                                                                                                                BING CROSBY & LOUIS ARMSTRONG

THEY CAN´T TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME                                                            DELLA REESE

BYE BYE BLUES                                                                                                            DINAH SHORE


Playliste der 894. Folge „Hauptsache Musik“ vom 25.02.2024  

NIGHT AND DAY                                                                                                           SERGIO MENDES

DANSE                                                                                                                             GEORGES MOUSTAKI

ICH BIN DA                                                                                                                     WOLFGANG SAUER

HOORAY FOR LOVE                                                                                                    ERNESTINE ANDERSON

A MAN AND A WOMAN                                                                                               ART VAN DAMME

SPIEL MIR EINE ALTE MELODIE                                                                              IREEN SHEER

MORGEN IST EIN NEUER TAG                                                                                 IREEN SHEER

ANNA                                                                                                                               ROY BLOCH

NIGHT OF HEAVEN                                                                                                      EYDIE GORME

JODEL CHA CHA                                                                                                          ALICE BABS

I HEAR YOU KNOCKING                                                                                             GALE STORM

DU GEHST DURCH ALL MEINE TRÄUME                                                              GÜNTHER FUHLISCH

THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND                                                                                        JOHNNY LOGAN

SKOKIAAN          &


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