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Playliste der 907. Folge „Hauptsache Musik“ vom 26.05..2024

MEET THE PEOPLE                                                                                       ALAN PRICE

WER DICH SIEHT HAT DICH LIEB                                                             MICHAEL SCHANZE

ONCE IN A LIFETIME                                                                                    BOBBY DARIN

A HUNDRED YEARS FROM TODAY                                                        DEAN MARTIN

CAROLINE CHERIE                                                                                     CHARLES AZNAVOUR

SHE                                                                                                                  CHARLES AZNAVOUR

PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY                                                                        BURT BACHARACH

GRAND PRIX                                                                                                 GERD BÖTTCHER

SUMMER-IS-A-COMIN-IN                                                                           NAT KING COLE

WIE EIN SONNENSTRAHL                                                                         RENATE KERN

GOOD MORNING STARSHINE                                                                  SOUNDS ORCHESTRAL

BONJOUR TRSITESSE                                                                                GOGI GRANT

HAPPY FEET                                                                                                  QUINCY JONES

ADIEU BABY, BYE BYE                                                                                DAVID IFRAN


Playliste der 905. Folge „Hauptsache Musik“ vom 12.05..2024

WALK RIGHT IN                                                                                              ROOFTOP SINGERS

ESO ES EL AMOR                                                                                          DAVID MORENO

CRAZY RHYTHM                                                                                            JOHN WILSON ORCHESTRA

SONG OF THE LONELY TEEN                                                                    JOHN D. LOUDERMELK

ANGELA JONES                                                                                             JOHN D. LOUDERMELK

UNCLE SATCHMO´S LULLABY                                                                  LOUIS ARMSTRONG & GABRIELE

ICH STEH AN MEINEM FENSTER UND TRÄUME                                  GABRIELE

CANDICE                                                                                                          LIESBETH LIST

COCKTAILS FOR TWO                                                                                  BILLY MAY

GUESS WHO I SAW TODAY                                                                         JULIE LONDON

WIVES AND LOVERS                                                                                    JULIE LONDON

IRGENDWO AUF DER WELT                                                                       PE WERNER & WDR BIG BAND

LET´S GO SOMEWHERE                                                                              R. DEAN TAYLOR

LOVE FOR LOVE                                                                                             PAT BOONE

MA SOLITUDE                                                                                                 SERGE REGGIANI

MORNINGTOWN STREET                                                                            SEEK


Playliste der 904. Folge „Hauptsache Musik“ vom 05,05..2024

I FEEL A SONG COMIN ON                                                                            JUDY GARLAND

PAPER DOLL                                                                                                     FRANKIE CARLE

LE TORRENT                                                                                                     GLORIA LASSO

DU BIST NICHT MEIN TYP                                                                             JEANNE DE ROOIJ

ÜBERHOLEN VERBOTEN                                                                              HENRY VALENTINO

MISTY                                                                                                                  HUGO STRASSER

EIN ALTER SÜNDER                                                                                       HUGO STRASSER

WHERE ARE YOU                                                                                            FRANKIE AVALON

CALL ME ANY TIME                                                                                         FRANKIE AVALON

FROM SOUVENIRS TO SOUVENIRS                                                          DEMIS ROUSSOS

IF I NEVER SING ANOTHER SONG                                                            JULIE ROGERS

WARUM NUR WARUM                                                                                  PETER KREUDER

A LOVE SONG                                                                                                 OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN

ARRIVEDERCI ROMA                                                                                   TINO ROSSI


Playliste der 903. Folge „Hauptsache Musik“ vom 28.04..2024

SO EASY                                                                                                           WALL STREET CRASH

THE STORY OF MY LIFE                                                                                MARTIN EATON

KLIPP UND KLAR                                                                                           VICKY LEANDROS

LA RUE                                                                                                              FRANCIS LEMARQUE

YOU´RE DRIVING ME CRAZY                                                                     FRANKIE VAUGHAN

MOON RIVER CHA CHA                                                                               HENRY MANCINI

DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES                                                                       HENRY MANCINI

MOON RIVER - FÜR IMMER (DT. VERSION)                                            GITTA LIND

DEAR HEART                                                                                                  HENRY MANCINI

SONG OF JOY                                                                                                 LEE TOWERS

FLYING LOVE                                                                                                  PIERRE GROSCOLAS

LOVE MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND                                                  AL HIRT

DADDY´S LITTLE GIRL                                                                                 MILLS BROTHERS

MAGIC IS THE MOONLIGHT                                                                        STARGAZERS

SO DANCO SAMBA                                                                                       WALTER WANDERLEY


Playliste der 902. Folge „Hauptsache Musik“ vom 21.04..2024

DAS IST MUSIK FÜR MICH                                                                            PEGGY MARCH

BOOM BANG-A-BANG                                                                                     PEGGY MARCH

WUNDERBAR IST DIE WELT                                                                        HEINZ SCHACHTNER

WE HAVE ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD                                                  LOUIS ARMSTRONG

DON QUICHOTE OF LA MANCHA                                                               THE END

SCHALLALA SCHALLALI                                                                              JÜRGEN WALTER

FOOL ON THE HILL                                                                                        SERGIO MENDES

BY THE TIME I GET TO PHOENIX                                                               MANTOVANI

THE CITY NEVER SLEEPS AT NIGHT                                                       SHACKLEFORDS

I SHALL SING                                                                                                  MIRIAM MAKEBA

YOU GO TO MY HEAD                                                                                   EARL BOSTIC

MACARTHUR PARK                                                                                      CARMEN MCRAE

ENSEMBLE                                                                                                      SALVATORE ADAMO

ONCE UPON A TIME                                                                                      MARY WELLS & MARVIN GAYE

CIAO BABY                                                                                                       GUNTER GABRIEL


Playliste der 901. Folge „Hauptsache Musik“ vom 14.04..2024

IT´S A BEAUTIFUL EVENING                                                                         DOROTHY DANDRIDGE

IT´S IMPOSSIBLE                                                                                              MAX GREGER

EIN LÄCHELN                                                                                                   JÜRGEN MARCUS

UP UP AND AWAY                                                                                           FIFTH DIMENSION

TRÄUME KANN MAN NICHT VERBIETEN                                                 NANA GUALDI

KILLING ME SOFTLY                                                                                      JONNY MÜLLER

A SPECIAL KIND OF MAN                                                                             ROGER WHITTAKER

SINGIN IN THE RAIN                                                                                       ROSY SINGERS

DON´T THINK TWICE                                                                                      TRINI LOPEZ

SCARLT RIBBONS                                                                                          TRINI LOPEZ

SOWAS LÄUFT FREI RUM                                                                             KEN HOWARD

DANS LE TEMP                                                                                                PETULA CLARK

DER VAGABUND AUS PARIS                                                                      SACHA DISTEL

Á PARIS                                                                                                             YVES MONTAND


Playliste der 900. Folge „Hauptsache Musik“ vom 07.04..2024

WENN ES FRÜHLING WIRD                                                                              GÖTZ ALSMANN

APRIL IN PARIS                                                                                                    GOGI GRANT

FRÜHLING AUF DER HAUT                                                                              ANGELIKA MILSTER

APRIL FOOL´S DAY                                                                                            MARTY ROBBINS

FRÜHLING IN SORRENT                                                                                  PAUL KUHN & SFB BIG BAND

APRIL IN PORTUGAL                                                                                        JOHNSTON BROTHERS

SPRING AGAIN                                                                                                   LOU RAWLS

VIERZEHNTER APRIL                                                                                      CORRY BROKKEN

SPRING IS NEARLY HERE                                                                             SHADOWS

APRIL SHOWERS                                                                                             KAI WINDING

SPRING SPRING SPRING                                                                              BING CROSBY & FRED ASTAIRE

I´LL REMEMBER APRIL                                                                                  NEIL RICHARDSON SINGERS

JOY SPRING                                                                                                     TITO PUENTE


Playliste der 899. Folge „Hauptsache Musik“ vom 31.03.2024

THE GOOD OLD TIMES                                                                                        BING CROSBY

CHANGE PARDNERS                                                                                          BING CROSBY & FRED ASTAIRE

ANGRY                                                                                                                    ROSEMARY CLOONEY

I´M SO LONESOME I COULD CRY                                                                    ROSEMARY CLOONEY & FLOYD CRAMER

SOMEONE TO KISS YOUR TEARS AWAY                                                       BIBI JOHNS

SO EIN GLÜCK                                                                                                       BIBI JOHNS

DON´T GET AROUND MUCH ANYMORE                                                        PETER HERBOLZHEIMER

IT´S EASTER TIME                                                                                                VAUGHN MONROE

SHALL WE DANCE                                                                                               VAUGHN MONROE

WALKING IN THE SUNSHINE                                                                            VAL DOONICAN

ANNIE´S SONG                                                                                                      VAL DOONICAN

REMEMBER REMEMBER                                                                                   VERA LYNN

DAYBREAK                                                                                                             VERA LYNN

AUF DER ANDEREN SEITE DER ZEIT                                                             PETER HORTON

DU HAST ALLES                                                                                                    PETER HORT


Playliste der 898. Folge „Hauptsache Musik“ vom 24.03.2024

DARLING SUE                                                                                                         LAURIE LONDON

BELLS OF ST. MARY´S                                                                                          LAURIE LONDON

FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE                                                                                          PETER NERO

NIGHT & DAY                                          


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